2014 Round 1 Results

A fast fast course today and a massive field of racers today, some fantastic racing going on. And not least of which was the battle at the front of the A race between Zippy Doyle, Glen Kinning and Robin Seymour.


Seymour worked hard to catch up with Doyle and Kinning after the start to get the win for the first round of the season. Zippy who snapped a seatpost won the Vets A race after a stop for a new seatpost in the pitts.


Some results here:

B Race:

1. Johnny Reid

2. Johnny Taylor

3rd: Aidan Duff


1st: Hannah Ormesher

2nd: Natalie Grieve

3rd: Michelle O’Halloran


1st: Zippy Doyle

2.Aidan McDonald

3. Peter McConville


1st. Paddy Michel

2. Davey Conroy

3. Gareth Hegarty

Under 16:

1st. Adam Thatcher

2. Cian May

3. Jamie Grifferty

Under 10:

1st. Brendan Conroy

A – Race.

1st. Robin Seymour

2. Glen Kinning

3. Paddy Michel

4. Sean O’Tuathail

5. Zippy Doyle

6. Aidan McDonald

7. Peter McConville

8. Alan Cody.

The Results

The Results


Updated Results:

A Race

B Race:

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