Tymon Report

2014’s Tymon park Supercross event saw the return of the “Spriral of Confusion, and some excellent new course modifications to ensure close tight racing from a packed out race.

With over 100 riders in the B race alone, approximately 80 in the A race and new for the SuperCross event was the kids race which saw over 50 kids of all ages.

In the main race it was Ray O’Shaughnessy who took off like a bolt of lightening to lead the first lap, with the rest of the field starting to form into chasing groups.

It wasn’t long however before the winner of round 1, Robin Seymour pushed through to the head of the race, and worked hard to stay away from Sean O’Tuathail chasing in 2nd, Sean who was the winner of last weeks round of the Ulster CX series is really finding good form this season despite having a cold, and there was clear air between him and the chasing pack lead by Antóin “Zippy” Ó Dúill.

In the Ladies A race it was another strong performance by Fran Meehan to take the win, with Natalie Grieve in 2nd.

Chasing pack

Chasing pack

Link to results:

A Race

B Race


pics: Gareth Gibbons and Sean Rowe

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